SOW originated out of a real desire to provide great food experiences made with simple, wholesome, quality ingredients.

Our story started when Peter Farrell and Frederick Forster met each other while working at Prescott & Conran in Shoreditch.

As their friendship grew, they discovered a gap in the food market for convenient and comforting natural bowl food.

It wasn’t long before the seed was sown for a new idea: take inspiration from some of the best bowl food from around the world, and bring it all together with fresh, wholesome ingredients that are full on flavour.


There’s something so honest and satisfying about natural bowl food. It’s got a beauty and simplicity to it, while also having balance and depth. We see each of our bowls as a fresh opportunity to host quality ingredients that together make a unique, memorable eating experience. While the world goes around outside, our bowls are comforting stop-off moments full of flavour, taste and colour.


SOW brings together restaurateur Peter Farrell and chef Frederick Forster. With twenty years of hospitality experience, Peter has worked in some of the world’s leading Michelin-starred restaurants. Frederick has previously shared the kitchen with Raymond Blanc, Michel Roux and Gordon Ramsay and has won several awards throughout his career, including the Master of Culinary Arts (MCA). We’re very proud to have a fantastic team working with us and look forward to welcoming you for satisfying food and drink, throughout the day.


To accompany our food, we have partnered with Allpress for our specialty coffee offering. We chose Allpress because, like us, they have a keen eye on flavour. Their unique Allpress Hot Air Roasting Method enables the special character of every bean to shine through, avoiding any burnt smokiness in favour of a smoother, more naturally sweet finish.


Our shared home is important to us, so we created SOW around sound sustainability principles. It’s why we host only natural ingredients on our menu, incorporate plenty of plant-based foods, and try to reduce our food miles where possible. To reduce our waste, we use packaging that’s 100% recyclable, and encourage our customers to reduce, reuse or recycle. We also work with the innovative tech company bio-bean® to turn our spent coffee grounds into eco fireplace logs. We regularly review what we’re doing to make sure we’re serving satisfying food as sustainably as possible.


At the heart of SOW is our hearth, the vibrant terracotta-clad counter around which everything happens. The hearth is the part of any home where people gravitate – the warmth of the fire, talking while making food together, the place to share new tastes and build a sense of community. Whether you are eating in or grabbing to go, we want everyone to feel welcome and nourished around our hearth, and to leave a little more lighthearted.